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Intuitive Painting Sessions

"Art helps us to let go:  The Artistic process requires us to surrender.  We learn that all creative acts are accompanied by anxiety; this is normal and to be welcome.  The healing and the art are found in managing this anxiety; in trusting the process."

Intuitive Painting is a powerful and creative practice through painting that unleashes your inner intuition and helps to open your imagination.

Through Intuitive Painting one can explore their own personal style of painting.  In the process that requires letting go of your own personal judgements and trust your inner intuition, the process.  Then one can experience the freedom of creating.

It's a beautiful art practice that brings personal growth in learning to see the bigger picture, be spontaneous and how to think outside the box.  Those who have taken my IP workshops have been able to incorporate this practice into their personal everyday life.

We work in various medium such paint, pastels and collaging. No artistic skill is necessary, this is a nonjudgmental environment that is about about self discovery. 

Sign up for a two (2) hour session with friend, family or colleagues.