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Create2Connect is a creative coaching program founded by artist and designer Kendra L. Earls who has worked over 20 years as an art instructor for all ages.  She has found how art connects people to their inner creative self and transforms their view of life and the world around them.

Kendra has taught art for Somersfield Academy, Kaleidoscope Art Foundation and MasterWorks Foundation.  Also she's held programs in stage design at Cedarbridge Academy and held art workshop at Bermuda Society of Arts.  Kendra has hosted workshops in Intuitive Painting and works with seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia using art as a form of therapy for the pass 6 years.  She has seen how being creative through art opens peoples' minds to many possiblies and how the practice of being creative filters into peoples' personal lives in finding new ways of solving problems, looking at things differently and creates a more peaceful existence. 

Therefore, Create2Connect facilitates an expressive space for people to create without judgement and where there is no wrong or right in art.  It's just a space that allows freedom of expression and imagination.

Kendra also holds  workshops for corporate staff members, business teams and community groups to help cultivate creative ways to approach goals, adapting to change and develop team engagement.  Also, she provide art sessions for seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia to help focus on current strengths, discover new skills and purpose.  And finally, workshops for the youth to venture in to various art mediums, styles and techniques.