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Team Building Workshop

"Art welcomes us: It asks us to value ourselves and our work, not for being something special but for simply being wholeheartedly us.  In so doing, it requires us to find a way to deal with our inner critic.  Art embraces mistakes and imperfection."

Kendra Earls provides workshops for corporate staff members, business teams and community groups using Intuitive Painting techniques and other artistic activities to help your team cultivate their creativity individually and collectively.  Through this process groups are able to find creative ways to approaching goals, adapting to change and developing team engagement. 

The workshops offer this unique experience to explore a space of free expression by using right-brain thinking to create. This process promotes collaboration, team building and thinking outside the box to achieve goals. 

It has been shown that participates in visual art workshops have helped employees:

- Support personal growth and empowerment

- Expand creative expression

- Solve problems more efficiently and creatively

- See the bigger picture as well as details

- Foster openness to new ideas

- Find innovative ways to meet new challenges

- Promotes thinking outside the box

- More right brain thinking