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Art wakes us up:  To make art we must fully enter the present moment by becoming keenly aware through our senses.  As we become present we can experience a state of "flow" - the antidote to being "stuck".

TA is a creative process that uses art to help people find their unique expression and open them to their creative potential. The workshops encourage using your resources, imagination, and learn art techniques to create effective artwork. Meanwhile, the process helps identify blockages such as lack of confidence, the fear of making mistakes, or the inability to "Let go" and trust the process.  The objective is to transform those blockages while working in acrylic, watercolor, or mix-media. By using the same creative process, we are able to consciously create the life we desire to live.   Private and group sessions are available online. 

This practice is not about being an artist but using the artistic process to create freely with confidence, adaptability, and openness to the process both in art and in life.  

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