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Youth Art Programs

"Art moves us: Art creates a shift in the way we view ourselves and the issues that affect our lives.  It reveals the inner world and engages the outer world.  Art gives us a voice and makes us visible."

After-school programs


Special events

Kendra L. Earls has worked for over 15 years in art education teaching for Masterworks, Somersfield Academy, special programs in stage design for CedarBridge Academy and other various art institutes such as Kaleidoscope Foundation and Bermuda Society of Arts.  

My goal is to allow students to expand their imagination without limitation and by using their natural abilities or interest.  Then show them how they can incorporate that into the visual arts.  

Many of my sessions and classes we explore all style of art from impressionism to abstract.  They learn from the Masters and various cultures and use different mediums to explore techniques and concepts.