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"Art moves us: Art creates a shift in the way we view ourselves and the issues that affect our lives.  It reveals the inner world and engages the outer world.  Art gives us a voice and makes us visible."

CW includes team-building art projects where the groups go through the 4 Step Creative Process. My personal development program with corporations is to help staff develop in areas of unblocking thinking patterns that limit their ability to perform creatively and fluidly by using art-making, which can be done in groups or one-on-one.

Participating in visual workshops helps by:

- Supporting personal growth and empowerment. 

- Expand creative expression

- Finding ways to solve problems more efficiently and creatively

- Fostering openness to new ideas

- Finding innovative ways to meet new challenges

- Promotes thinking outside the box

Projects include:

Collaborative Painting

Vision Board Making

Individual Art Projects

and more...

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